Exquisite and easy to operate

  The CCROV is mini size with dimensions of 208mm x 204mm x 130mm and can be easily carried
in a backpack or a suitcase. You can bring it everywhere. The CCROV is also very user-friendly.

It can be operated easily by remote controller or Cellphone app. Ready to dive.

Flexible and precise control with
6 thrusters/5 Degrees of Freedom

To maintain a high level of stability and maneuverability, the CCROV operates 4 horizontal
and 2 vertical thrusters that will provide 5 degrees of freedom. The CCROV answers all your
needs for underwater exploration even in a narrow space within 1m³.

4k Camera & 720P Live Video Transmission

Users can shoot 4K super high definition photo & video by built-in camera of CCROV. Even the
live video is very clear - 720p. And it will show the live temperature, depth, and directional
information to the app through the tether deployment system & Wi-Fi.

100 meters diving depth.

To prevent from high corroding, the material of CCROV shell is made of military grade floating material.
It contains high-airtight aluminum alloy cabin inside which can stand the high pressure in 100m underwa-
ter. It has been tested in the simulated environment of 120m underwater.


We designed a special TDS (Tether deployment system) for CCROV. With the hand shank, it is
easy to collect the long cable.With external battery, users can change a new battery. With
AC power module interface, the working time is unlimited if use it with an AC jack.


Use CCROV to check diving spots or recording diving process.Underwater

explore to dangerous diving spots, caves and deep sea area.

App interface

Users can watch the 720p live video via CCROV APP without
getting into the sea. And the built-in 4K camera helps
ensure that you get the clearest underwater videos and
photos possible while shooting.

Original Package

Safety Suitcase