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Have you ever wondered what lives under the waves?
Find out with CCROV and start your adventure
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5 Degrees of Freedom
4K Ultra HD Camera
The CCROV is 208x204x130mm and 4.5kg. It can be easily carried in a backpack or a suitcase, even placed under your seat.
Moves forwards/backwards, upwards/downwards, turn right/left, yaw and roll. With its high maneuverability, the CCROV answers all your needs for underwater exploration.
With the combination of our 4K resolution camera and internal live video, enjoy every little detail of your underwater experience!
Macromolecule Material
VR Interface
The first underwater robot with a 4K camera!
Equipped with the best of macromolecular materials, we guarantee a professional experience with your CCROV up to 100 meters deep (any pressure less than 1M Pa).
Take a step further with Virtual Reality! Your CCROV will take you through a real life experience under water. Swim in the ocean with a school of fish in glorious 3-D, flow with the stream and discover the underwater world.
Equipped with a 4K camera, 6 thrusters and ultra-resistant, the CCROV provides a professional experience at a lower cost.